Why I Wrote a Book About XXY Chromosomes

No matter how much I simplify the reality, people squirm when they merely have to think about what XXY means. It means the exact same thing as XY.

XXY means “man.”

The important difference is in how the brain processes input. Kids with XXY chromosomes may have difficulty learning—if the learning content cannot be proven. But when it can be proven, XXY kids can learn much faster than their XY counterparts. This is what researchers label as “slow learning.” In essence, they have it backward.

What is XXY?

XXY is the second most common type of healthy human male. In spite of what most doctors (and Google) say, medical research has shown that XXY is not Klinefelter syndrome. Read more about XXY here.

Why did I write a book about XXY?

Maybe it was when Seth MacFarlane made fun of XXY on Family Guy that I decided to write this. Maybe it was when Fox News incorrectly characterized XXY as “extra girly genes,” comparing them to mouse genes. Maybe it was after watching the horribly misleading film “XXY,” which mischaracterizes the difference as intersex when it is not (XXY is simply male). No, I wrote this book because the human standards the medical research community have created for XXY are nothing short of draconian, begging the question, if doctors have license to mislead expecting parents about one kind of fully capable human while engaging in what amounts to an extermination of it, just how far will they go? It is time for XXY standards to change.

A book about my chromosomes was the last thing I ever thought I would write, but when I began delving into the research, a few things struck me as frightening for the whole of humanity. For one, the 280,000 annual terminations of healthy XXY fetuses seemed bizarre. When I read why doctors were recommending to expecting parents that they should terminate, I was stunned.

The reason is, they don’t know any better. Most doctors have no idea that XXY boys and men are virtually the same as XY boys and men.

If XXY termination recommendations were not being made, half a million XXY boys would be born each year. Instead, it’s about 200,000.

Instead of teaching parents about the subtle differences in XXY boys, doctors roll out a deceitful list of characteristics that in reality may never manifest. And if you scrutinize the list, it becomes obvious it is fiction. It’s also obvious that instead of describing just XXY, the characteristics equally describe XY men too. It seemed like a head-scratcher until I realized I was reading studies that were clearly based on modern eugenics, which was outlawed after World War II.

I had to write this book for those would-be parents who are being misled.

I wrote it for XXY boys and men who have been taught they are lesser humans.

I wrote it for people who care about the well-being of their community.

It’s not an easy decision to write about my physicality, because even though I am as normal looking as any man can be, once you relate yourself to difference, people think about you differently. That’s because we are all taught to think anyone who is different has something wrong, when the truth is, we all have unique differences that bring value to the world.

I did not write this book because I have any intrinsic need to write about myself. I wrote it for you.

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